Storage Onsite Inside


"Save fuel, store your rv or boat in off site storage"

Save fuel by parking your rig in the storage area at WCR while you are gone.  No need to drive it home. When you return you can have WCR move your rig  to a site for you or grab it yourself. Your boats, cars,trucks,etc are welcome also. $3/day Pay in advanced.

During The Season: We charge $3/day for off site rv storage.

Winter storage: Outside 6 month, is off site parking $350/6 months. Nov 1st - May 1st. Its $3/day until you pick it up. Boats or Rv's. After May 1st your then charged the $3/day rate until you move it.

Moving-RV On/Off site : We will Move your rv out of the storage area to your site that you have booked.  $75 one way. If you want us to put your rv back in off site storage its $75. $150 Round Trip

Must Pay In advance ! and register & tag

Check in at office before you leave and pay for the days you want to store your rv in advanced.

Must have up to date credit card on file. If your rv is put in storage without paying in advanced and without tag. You will be charged $6/day We need to know who is in storage.

It is your responsibility to inform the office if you decide to leave your rig in storage.  Ask the office for a tag.

All rv's, boats, Cars, trucks or boat trailers must have a name tag on vehicle. Please sign the agreement in the office and pick up a Tag.  Please Keep insurance active on your vehicle or boat at all times. Damage is not our responsibility unless we move it.

Inside winter storage pole building  We measure your boat, RV, Car Trailer etc.. Front to back of motor or bumper L x W = ? then x $4/sq/ft.  Example 25ft rv 8 wide 30x8 =240  /ft/sq  x  $4 =  $960.. 6 months Nov 1st - May 1st.

We have limited indoor space. Ask Brian.

Office 1-231-271-5550


Brian 1-231-218-2756