Rates and Cancellations fees

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Class A, B, C, 5th Wheels, and Travel Trailers are accepted.

  Truck campers and pop ups are not accepted. But if you are passing through and have no place to stay we will accommodate you for one night and find a spot for you to stay.

We will book you the best site we have at that time of your online request and email you your confirmation. Double check your spam box later that day.  If the dates you requested are not available. I will call you and discuss your options. Please use this link It save every time and speeds up your booking process. Thanks Brian. BOOK YOUR REQUEST. Please include your credit card otherwise we will have to call you and this only slows booking process down.

All sites are "Full Service"

You must be self contained to stay here.

In other words you must have your own bathroom/shower.

Rv Rates Spring/Summer/Fall

All sites 20/30/50 amp electric, water, sewer, and picnic table.  Most sites have fire pits. We pick up your garbage daily at your site by 11am Please put out by the road.

 We have daily newspapers available in office. For Seasonals we deliver a paper, make sure to sign up on delivery sheet.

                                                   Grass Site         Cement Patio        Lake Side

               May 1 to June 14,             $65                      $70                          $75

              June 15 to Sept 2,             $75                      $85                          $90

              Sept 3  to Nov 1st,            $65                       $70                         $75

There is a $5 premium for all end site and $10 for site #94.

Seasonal Rates: 2024

Grass: $5,300.00 Patio $5,800.00, Lake Pull in for Class A,B,C $6.300.00

For a seasonal spot, call and get put on the list.


All sites are set in a beautiful wooded setting away from the RV park.

We have a 2 night minimum on weekends

Cabins: You must bring your own bedding.

1 Queen and bunk bed. sleep 4

Tent Site Rates:  One Adult tent per site.

Spring/Fall $45

Summer $50


Log Cabins:

Total 4 people "No pets" 

12' x 28'   with front porch  

$125 / $145 / $125                                       

Spring Summer Fall

Off season, May 1 to June 14 Sept 4- Nov 1

Summer season, June 15 to Sept 3

We do accept discount cards in spring and fall plus our rates are reduced.

All sites include access to all facilities. A free local newspaper is now available in office. Wed-Saturday. We will continue to deliver papers to seasonals. Please sign the list for paper delivery. Thanks

WIFI: Is limited throughout the park. Our old century link internet is being removed for 2023. We now have Star Link in club house and around the pond for most site 59-64 and 80-- 95

FYI _ Cellular service is also limited especially if you have Verizon or other city services. ATT is the #1 choice for Leelanau.. Our county is hilly and we have limited towers. Plus Wild Cherry is located a 1/2 mile off the road and partially in a valley.

Please don't put anything other than wood in the pits or you will be charge a $25 clean up fee. Glass, plastic, aluminum etc or any garbage.

 Rv's Class A, B, C, Super C, Fifth wheels, and travel trailers must be in good condition. We are taking Class B " conversion vans, But you must have your own bathroom! If you have a pop up or truck camper and are just passing through, then we can make an exception for one night. Talk to Jim or Brian for approval.

Attention: If your recreational vehicle is 15 years old or older please forward a photo for approval asap to wildcherryresort@gmail.com. Or text Brian the photos from all sides. 1-231-218-2756. FYI: 90% of the time you will pass 🙂 extremely Faded or stickers falling off or damages will warrant no entry.

Attention: There must be a Valid Credit card for each rv site on file to stay at Wild Cherry Resort.

We are Big rig friendly. We have wide standard county paved roads.
Most of our RV lots are 45' x 75' Long
We have an onsite golf driving range available for the general public.  Balls available at Office. Closed at 8pm. If caught stealing golf balls you will be asked to leave and not to come back.

Tent sites bookings must be paid in full at time of booking.

RV SITE SELECTION:  You can pick your site but there is a chance you might get moved. To guarantee a "Specific Site number" and "not to be moved". You must pay a $75 one time fee for every site you want "not to be moved".  Please understand we try to accommodate everyone here at Wild Cherry Resort. Every reservation is important to us. We try to accommodate every customer wanting to visit and we have to do this, in order to make room. We never down grade you. Unless we call and talk to you about it.

"Group bookings"

ATTENTION: We no longer allow "one customer" to book groups or multiple rv sites.

Each customer is required to book and pay their own deposit with their credit card on file. Its easy, just fill out the info on our online booking page. Or call us.

Create a "group name" Then have everyone add it in the comments on their individual online booking and we will attempt to get everyone as close to each other as possible. But again if you all want to guarantee no one is moved, we have to charge each customer the $75 do not move fee.

Daily & Short term from 1-20 days.

Deposit. Min Dep $50.00 or 10% of your reservation is required at time of booking which ever is greater.


There is a 15$ same day cancellation fee.

If you cancel 15 day out or more from your reservation date. You will be charged a minimum of $35 or 6% of your total reservation which ever is Greater. If you cancel 2 weeks prior, you lose your total deposit.

**If you don't call or you're a no show, your card on file you will be charged 50% of the total reservation. Please call us!  "don't email" !! To be sure we receive your cancel message. Thanks

Reservation Modifications: There is a 25$ modification fee. No fee to add days if days are available.

Payment and deposits. Seasonals

A non-refundable $250 deposit is required. Your deposit must be received by Sept 15th for seasonals for the next year or lose your spot... The $250 non-refundable deposit is to guarantee your site. For new seasonals a deposit is due immediately. Send and write checks to wild Cherry Resort, 8563 East Horn rd Lake Leelanau Mi 49653
Payments for a seasonal are as follows.
    1.  Your first 1/3 payment is due Jan 15th
If received after Jan 15th there will be a 50$ late fee added each month.
   2.   Your second 1/3 payment is due May 1st. or when you arrive!
   3.   Your final 1/3 payment "minus your $250 deposit" is due by July 15th.
Please be on time with your payments, it helps us stay on track with everyone's accounts. We hate bugging you and adding fee's.

Seasonal cancellations

 If you cancel any time before Jan 15th You lose your $250 deposit.
If you cancel after Jan 15th, you lose your deposit and will be charged 1500.00. You must have a valid Credit card on file. And sign the agreement.
Do not forget! Your first 1/3 payment is due Jan 15th. If received after Jan 15th there will be a $50 late fee added monthly.
Long term "non- seasonal's" deposits/cancellations
21 days or more.
A 10% Deposit is required.
 When you arrive your final balance is due. Or what you worked out with owner. Bring cash or check and save the cc fee.
Cancellation: Long term "non- seasonal's"
 If canceled 15 days or more, it's 10% of your total reservation.
If canceled 14 day or less $250 min or 20% of your total reservation which ever is greater. If you avoid payment your account will be red flagged until payment if pd in full.

There are no refunds on "early departure" period, for any reservation. Its a commitment we made together at the price you agreed too. The commitment must be paid in full by July 15th.  Or your account will be red flagged.

Please enjoy and have a relaxing vacation at Wild Cherry RV Resort.

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*We reserve the right to change our prices and policies at any given time without further notice.

Advertised & promotional discounts or any free night discount are not available over holiday weekends and from June 15th - Labor day. Unless agreed by owner. Thanks.