Rules and Regulations


Pets:  1 Please pick up after your pet.  Pet station are located along the drive for convenience.

2. All pets must be on a 6ft leash when outside the RV

3. No Pet fences allowed.

4.  No more than two dogs allowed per RV.  No aggressive breeds allowed. Pure bread German shepherds, Rottweilers and Pit bulls. If your dog shows any aggressive behavior towards people or other dog you will be asked leave immediately, exceptions.

 Dog Protocols
- You are responsible for your dog/dogs max 2
- Absolutely No aggressive dogs or aggressive behavior Period. 
"The first complaint you will be asked to leave.
- 6 foot leash required
- Dogs must be licensed and up to date on shots
- Dogs cannot be left unattended on y our patios at any time period.
- No excessive barking. Inside rv or out. If you leave your dog/dogs in camper and it keeps barking you will be called to come back immediately.
- Owners must clean up after dogs. " Dog Do Do removal is $25/ea pile "No one wants to clean up after your dog" !
- Violators will be asked to leave
2. Camper Staff and seasonals:
Must have their own Liability insurance for staying in the park.

Grills / Campfires

1.  Table top grills are not allowed on our picnic tables.

2.  Campfires are allowed only in our permanent fire pit located on your site.

3.   Wood is available at the office for a fee. If you bring your own wood you will be charged a fire ring clean up of $6.00.  If you leave trash in your fire pit other than wood you will be charged an additional clean up free of $35.  ie glass, cans, plastic, cigarettes butts etc. Please do not drag wood logs from our woods to your site. You will also be charged a clean up fee.


1.  STORAGE of plastic bins, trash, and other items are not allowed under or around your RV. Please keep your site clean and clutter free. We understand some things will will need to be set aside like kayaks, bikes. Please  keep clutter free thanks.

2. All boats must be parked in our off site storage area or in the big field behind Grass sites 48-58. We allow you you to load and unload your boat. But please keep it to 30 min for security and Local fire department rules.

3.  Tents or canopies of any description are not allowed on RV sites.

We do allow 2 person "kids tents" on rv site for the night. Tents must be taking down in the morning to keep our park looking clean. Thanks For understanding.

Cancellation / Early Departures Policy.

  1.  No Refunds on early departures. No shows will be charged the total of your stay.
  2. A $25.00 cancellation fee or 5% of your total reservation which ever is more is charged on all cancellations. Cancellations must be made A minimum of 15 days prior to your arrival to receive a partial refund. If you cancel 14 days or less we keep your deposit or 5% which ever is greater. If you are no show or call the day you are to arrive you will still be responsible for the balance due. Or what the owner has worked out with you. You need to give us time to fill your camping spot. We are running a business.


1.  Should you or your guests damage property or leave the RV site or Tent site in such a state as to require extra clean up (i.e.Ruts in grass from your rv, dog holes, trash in the fire pits, such as bottles, cans, plastic trash etc.) your credit card will be charged a clean up fee of $75.00 and or the value of the damaged property assessed by owners. We will contact you in regards to the total of damages.

***Check out is 11am, check in is 1pm. This allows us to clean all incoming rv sites for our next amazing customers..

Parking. Friends and extra vehicle

Do not leave any vehicle parked in the road. It is for Fire hazard. For extra vehicle please ask the office where to park. Please don't park on your neighbors RV lot.

For visiting friends and Extra vehicle or your truck if long period. Please park In our large field behind Grass sites 48-58 away from the back of the grass sites.

For site 88-98 100-114, please park just past 114's drive.

For sites 80-87 and 65-79 please park your extra vehicles in the field far enough behind the grass site 48-58. Don't block site #65,#64,#63 next to woods. Thanks

For sites 1-17 please park at the end of site # 9  next to the big stone on the south side of the driving range road not on site #9.

Thanks Jim & Brian. 231-218-2756