Storage Rv, Boat, Car

Leelanau County Storage.


Inside winter storage

RV's, Boats, Autos.

Rates- $3.85/sq/ft  for 6 months or if you want more months we allow customer to be put in barn no earlier than Sept 1st. Just divide total by 6 then add 2 months worth. Normal lease is from Nov 1st - May 1st or Sept 1st -May 1st. Space is limited!

Length from bumper and from where your ball and tongue are. Not the registered length x Trailer width usual. 8ft to 8'.5 x $3.85/sq/ft  :Example 25ft x 8' x $3.85/ft = $770 for six months.for 8 months it is $1,26.64


During season off site storage.

Leave your Rv here with us for the week 5 days and come back next weekend for just $15 That is Sunday check out till Friday check in.

Rv's & Boats. $3/day for off site storage. Follow the driving range road. Please Bait for mice around base of trailer. We also bait but we are not responsible if damage occurs. Please use bate boxes and not just toss bait under trailer, we do have other animals on grounds.

Winter onsite storage $250 6 months. Nov 1st - May 1st Rates subject to change at any time. Please check back once a year.


Please give us a call for more info and ask for Jim Spinniken or Brian Spinniken


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